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As a successful IT Solution Provider for Small businesses like Restaurant, grocery & other stores , Grabull is now helping Build One stop shop which connects online Orders, On Demand Delivery Drivers, Visibility, Marketing, Ads and Smooth Operations.

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Majestic Sales Person

The Flexibility & custom Solutions, that land every Lead to a Signup Deal. For many Restaurants, there is no one-solution-fits-all needs, our solution comes with the ability to choose what’s needed and how its needed.

Step 2

Business Development Support

We do provide help and support to you at various stages of your business Development. We have the most advanced tools & features for all your clients who are..

Step 3

Web Development & Marketing

Online ordering has become one of the most Important & great way to keep restaurants cover most of their Revenue.We Increase their sales, which encourage them..

Step 3

Technology Consultants

Grabull is built to deal with all the technical needs for Restaurants related to online orders world and Printing orders in restaurant is one the most important part of operations

Step 3

Photography Printing Revenue

Well, this part is a Suggested Revenue Option to our partners, Our Menu display on order online displays image of each item and it’s suggested in Industry

Step 3

On Demand Delivery Service

Grabull is Integrated to many local Delivery Fleets and also with the major players of Food delivery services nationwide. Restaurants orders are watched..

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Frequently asked questions

General FAQ

Grabull Direct is one of the Fast Speed Branded Online Order Solution to put on your website. Which gets your Online Presence Noticed, makes your business Show up in Most of the Search Spots in your Territory, also has on-demand Drivers, Social media Marketing, Reputation Management and Printer Solution which Prints orders in One Printer One Tablet for all Online orders from any 3rd party.

Grabull helps restaurants grow their takeout & delivery sales, reach new customers, and increase brand awareness online. Just by Using Grabull Direct & also listing on Grabull Market Place, you will have access to new customers who want to order from businesses like yours for delivery and pickup. Our Plans Cover with no extra cost Social Media Marketing, Google ads, Website Upgrades, email blasting & reputation management.

With Grabull Marketing add on packages you can Target aggressive visibility high-value customers see your business first and they order from you — at no added cost to you.

Grabull Direct also gives you access to Grabull Drive which is On Demand Delivery Drivers available for your anytime nationwide, with peanut prices per Mile.

Grabull is One Stop Solution for all restaurant needs, Grabull has an array of products for every restaurant need. We truly value our restaurant partners, which is why we offer all-time support as well as resources to drive your growth, Our Plans include variety of marketing promotions to get you in front of more customers. We also have a loyalty-based reward systemfor your customers.

  • Online marketing Inclusive in Package
  • Online Order Commission freePackage
  • Reputation management Inclusive in package
  • One tablet One Printer Solution for all orders online
  • On Demand Drivers available
  • All Time Live Agent Monitoring & Support
  • Free Updates on Website & menu

Our Partner Program offers best Reoccurring Commission Structure, Our Model focusses more on growing orders for your restaurants as we know more orders more Money for you. Agent Partner commissions are usually disclosed after the Initial step of Signup process begins.

If you Sell Fixed Monthly plans or Fixed Monthly Add-ons, it gives back average 10 to 15% of Monthly Subscription.

Yes, it is, Grabull Direct with Driver services is available Nationwide

Please feel free to find out more, please call (888) 688-0046.

You can also reach by email at

Delivery FAQ

While there is no fee to join the On Demand Delivery service, you should always make the Restaurant aware of Grabull Driver. The service helps restaurant a lot, they can Request a driver any time, track their orders, nominal delivery costs, and for sure incremental sales.

Also, Restaurant does not need to decide about taking driver Service at the time of signup, they can any time switch settings from Self delivery to GB Driver from dashboard. They can change it as many times they like. If their settings are Points to GB Drive the Driver will be dispatched automatically for any delivery during that Time.

They can switch on & off day to day hour to hour or Order to Order, well this is the Beauty of our Flexible system fits as you Need.

Always appreciate if a restaurant has their own Drivers, our system works perfect even if they have their own drivers. However, we suggest you should always Inform them the Benefits on Demand Delivery service, just in case if they are short of drivers, they can Request one for delivery.

Yes, they can, there is a Button in our Dashboard which says “CREATE DELIVERY”, Restaurants can click on it and enter Just the name, Phone Number, Drop off address & any tips agreed by Customer, the system will dispatch driver to the Restaurant. For Created Delivery Orders We Invoice Restaurant weekly and charge the Amount ACH from their registered bank account.

Grabull Drive is not exclusive Service restaurant must sign up for Grabull Direct to get the service.

Yes, its part of the settings in dashboard, they can setup Radius. Restaurant can also add Specific Zip codes they service for on demand orders, also they can add separate list for big catering orders as bigger orders can be sent out to extra Miles.

When Restaurant use Grabull Driver Service, Grabull handles the payments for Driver, and Grabull generates the invoice for delivery Orders and charge restaurant for the same.

In Most Cases Grabull Dispatch Team will know if there is issue and will let the restaurant know there was an issue with the order, and Grabull will issue Refund to customer for the missing item or Full Order. But Restaurant will still be paid for the Order. The outcome of Not Delivered or missed Delivery is based on Different Situations. For example: If restaurant missed an Item to Give to driver will be Refunded to customer but restaurant won’t be paid as Claim since it issue was at their End.

In Most Cases Grabull Dispatch Team will know if there is issue and will let the restaurant know there was an issue with the order. All Delivery Active orders are Monitored by Live agents, if there is issue with one Driver our team usually cancels the Dispatch and find another Driver to Dispatch to. Just in case there is Exception crisis our team call customer to request to pick up if not, Grabull agent will Inform restaurant to cancel Order but still be paid as they Prepared the Food and it was fault at our end.

Yes, all they have to do is switch to GB Drive in Setting whenever they Need Drivers.

The rate for standard Delivery is fixed with a Nominal Service charge, however if Delivery goes over 3 Miles it does cost restaurant’s extra charge around 1.25$ to 1.75$ per mile after depends on time & day.

Does Drive Service cost more during weekends & Rush hours?

No This is what makes our Drive Service best as our pricing stays the says regardless of rush hours or weekends.

Who keeps the Delivery Tips?

"Absolutely tips go to drivers

Restaurant will Contact Grabull Direct for any concerns regarding On going Delivery orders or any past orders delivered.

To request a refund on any past order on system, all you need to do is send refund request to us. After you report any issues with your order, wewill Include the amount in Credit section in your Upcoming Invoice.

There can be Multiple situations in Refund or Cancel Situation, but if customer place an order and call back support to cancel order with in 10 Min we accept cancellation, after 10 Minutes Our agent will not cancel or Refund orders to Customer Unless Restaurant agrees to accept.


Website Development, Mobile apps, Branded Online Orders, SEO & Social Media Marketing, One Tablet One Printer Solution, On Demand Drivers & Grabull Market Place.

It Depends on what POS Restaurant use, if their POS Is ready to issue them an API key, we can Integrate orders direct into your Online Orders. We encourage our Agents not to Recommend as this process takes way longer time for a restaurant to go live.

Manage Online Orders from All Marketplaces with EASE! One tablet instead of many.Restaurants use different marketplaces to increase their sales. However, they end up with messy workplaces of many tablets, printers, and scattered reports. Our Print Partner will help them streamline numbers in one sleek reporting dashboard, while all online orders are automatically accepted and sent to the kitchen. They Free themselves from repetitive tasks and focus on growing your restaurant. This Service is not Free it cost 59.99$ a month separately.

Grabull is Integrated to many local Delivery Fleets and also with the major players of Food delivery services nationwide. Restaurant orders are watched & dispatched Realtime with the flexibility in our Technology to understand. Grabull Technology connects Restaurant system to Multiple Delivery Providers on a Single Network of GB-Delivery which covers nationwide. The coverage is great, forget missing orders because of delivery.

Grabull Market Place is the online ordering marketplace App that's dedicated to helping restaurants grow in a fair and sustainable way. Our primary job is to send you new customers, rather than hanging on to them for ourselves.

Today, with close to 72% of business shifting to online purchasing it is vital that as restaurant owners should understand the dynamics of Bigger Budget Marketing. Many marketing portals make you pay huge commissions. Looking at this painful situation GRABULL was formed. Our group has over 14 years of Online marketing Experience. And Our plans with GrabullDirect involves lot of activities free in Marketing however adding Marketing plans on top of Free activity gives extra Edge and More free hand to our Team to spread your Presence faster and everywhere.

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Features & Settings

Yes, they can its seamless and very easy to make changes in the Menu, just Login to the Dashboard and go to Menu Settings. However, When a New restaurant signup Our team sets up their Menu and in future they can always request us to make changes as well. Restaurant has full Control and access to their Menu management making Items Available, Sold Out for certain period of time, or change the entire menu Images anything they prefer.

Yes, they can it’s a click of a button in Dashboard and if a customer will try place an order it would display message that Restaurant is not taking Online Orders today. It does Automatically Start back Next day.

However in Time Setting Restaurant can setup Holidays or specific days to keep Online Orders Off.

Yes, from time settings they can setup Delivery Time Pickup time with any Flexibility they Prefer

Yes, They can

Yes They can create offers, BOGO, $ Off, % Off, Free Item and they can select availability of these offers date wise, day wise, Or time wise as they Prefer.

In our Restaurant Reward Program Restaurant can setup their our rules, Points or Percentage calculations for their rewards for Customer who order.

Yes if Restaurant can Select DINE IN as Service they offer and it will allow customer to make reservations from website and restaurant can Manage these leads free of cost.

***Free Email Blast, Social Media Integration, Creating Multiple Offers, Also in package Out team works regular on Social Media Posts, Free ads, Reputation Management & Google Visibility for Restaurants

They get access to best & easy to Understand Reports, Daily order Report, Weekly Order Report, Monthly Order Report, Monthly Meal Tax Report, Annual Performance Report. Also, in Dashboard they see Most Selling Items, Revenue Graphs, Offers Performance and Many more…

Yes, restaurants can use their own Processor, they will have to Choose and pay monthly fixed Subscription fee for using Grabull Direct. We always recommend GB Pay as it does not cost on our cash Program gateway, which does not cost anything to the restaurant as it gets covered in Service fee from customer per order also saves the Restaurant from Chargebacks.

Yes they can create and also it has Access Permission Settigs also while creating a user on Orders Dashboard

Yes they can request us via email or phone call , we will be more than happy to update anything free of cost.

Yes it does, if restaurant is close it does give Option to customer to choose Date & time for future when restaurant will be Open, or if a customer wants to place an order for some other day in advance they can do the same on Menu Front end of Restaurant.

Pricing & Plans

Please check our Pricing Plans here, we prefer Partners should sell most Popular plans as they give most benefits to the Restaurants

Commission Free model is a Model which is Designed with Intentions of Saving Monet for Restaurant and Generate more Revenue, to cover the cost of Marketing and Services we bump up the menu by 7% to 10% and that’s what we Charge exactly, in a Way Restaurant is paying nothing, and there is a Service fee on Customer to cover the Card Processing.

They can switch from one plan to another after the Completion of a Month, Customer can switch from one package to another anytime, but plan gets implement after the current Month is Completed to avoid any Prorated Accounts Issues.

Yes it does give almost same benefits as commission less Model, But since most restaurant Stores have preferred Commission less model and team has a great Proven records on that model.

If you on commission less Model, with GB Pay you do not pay anything practically, as Menu price is Higher to cover our cost. Grabull will be Responsible for chargebacks.

If you on monthly Subscription you pay Monthly Subscription plus Cash Program of Credit cards Gives you Free commission and you will be responsible for your chargebacks.

If you use our Printer Tablet service to Print orders for all 3rd parties cost you 69.99$ /MO , if you use it for only your website Online orders its cost you 10.99$ /MO

Depending on what plans you choose but all the pricings shown in add- packages is fixed price including taxes.

None, If you using Gb pay the Processing is paid by customer who order as we use cashprogram Credit card gateway system which makes you pay nothing for credit card processing and also you are not responsible for Chargebacks

If you using GB Pay with any plan you get paid weekly and our weekdays are counted from Saturday to Friday and system compiles Realtime report and process payment on Monday.

If you using your own gateway your get credited every day from them but you will be responsible for your chargebacks and you will pay processing fee.

Yes, we do its Cashprogram fee to cover credit card Processing and it’s a very common system used by all the Big Companies in market.

To see the cost for Printer tablet you must check pricing but in couple of Plans its offered free of cost.

Its gives them 8% Discount if they agree to pay 12 Months fixed Subscription fee in one Go

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